Redcliffe Farm Campsite - Terms & Conditions

We have very few rules but the few we do have are there for everyone's enjoyment and safety while on our campsite.

Speed - It is a campsite so please ensure you drive slowly at all times.

Barbecues - We allow barbecues if they are raised off the ground however there must be no open fires, fire pits or chimineas.

Dogs - Dogs must be on a lead at all times, exercised away from the campsite and never left unattended.

Boats - Motor boats must be returned to one of the designated campsite boat areas over night.

Noise - Respect others and be considerate to fellow campers and our neighbours. We expect it to be quiet after 10.30pm

Vehicles - We do not allow commercial vehicles on our site.

Arrival - From 1:00pm and departure by 12:00 midday.

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